Personal Care

Amcord Care arranges for a variety of long-term services. We help with access to home care agencies, providing home health aides as companions and caretakers for those unable to fend for themselves. Home health aids assist with bathing, cooking, feeding, minor household cleaning, laundry, shopping and various other personal tasks.

Nursing and Therapy

Amcord connects you with the best medical providers: nurses and physical and occupational therapists. Most visits range from one to three times per week, or as individually required.

Home Modifications

Amcord arranges for such home modifications that are determined by individual safety and required assistance and recommended by physical/occupational therapists: Grab bars in bathtubs or on top of toilets, stair replacements, wheelchair ramps, railings, bath and kitchens and other assistive modifications.


Amcord Care helps with arranging transportation for eligible individuals to and from social centers, treatment facilities, and doctors’ offices.

Personal ER System

Amcord arranges for the installation and services of units and buttons for individuals who are at risk of falling, medical complications, or in need of emergency assistance. The operators are on standby at all times, and are able to dispatch an ambulance as soon as the button is pressed. These units guarantee peace of mind to the participants and their loved ones.

Medication Management

For people who unable to use prescribed medications safely, Amcord will offers a number of ways to assist consumer with management of their medications. From simple daily reminder to 24/7 monitor dispensing technology, Amcord will help to ensure consumers take the proper dosage and combinations of medications at appropriate times throughout the day.

Adult Day Care

Amcord connects active seniors who are looking for caring and entertaining daytime environment with social centers that provide it. Supervised by professional medical staff and committed social workers, adult day care centers offer meals, activities, and various informative and helpful day-to-day assistance.

Meal Delivery

Amcord helps with setting up meal deliveries, free of extra charge, provided by qualified and certified programs—food delivery service known for its fresh-made, nutritious, home delivered food for seniors and those recuperating at home.


Amcord also provides access to an exterminating company that helps individual homeowners and large facilities alike with their infestation problems.