About Us

Amcord Care Inc. is the Supports Coordination Agency that will help you gain access to needed waiver and other State Medicaid Plan services, as well as all of the other medical, social and individual services you may need.

When it comes to creating a health plan for participants, it is important to leave no need unmet. Quality care starts with a good and complete care plan. Thats where Amcord Care comes in. We work to ensure that each participants care plan is as inclusive and effective as possible.

Amcord Care wants to incorporate state-funded services into the care plans of all eligible participants! Amcord will work with participants to craft a customized and thorough care plan. So, if you clearly still needs additional help to remain safely in the community and lead an independent life, you need Amcord Care’s supports coordination services. Together, we will build a care plan which will allow you to stay in your own home, go to work, attend school and fully participate in your life.

We will work with you to help you maneuver through all the programs and options available. We will walk you through the complicated process of paperwork, be your advocate and create the kind of care plan that will really make a difference in your life.

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